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星巴克上海新开烘焙工坊 大举押注中国市场

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Starbucks is making a super-sized bet on China, where it is opening the world’s biggest outlet as part of efforts to maintain its upscale reputation in an increasingly important market.

The Seattle-based company has spread to more than 130 cities in China, where it now operates about 3,000 stores. It is opening new outlets at a rate faster than one a day as it seeks growth in the country following several quarters of underwhelming results in the US, its biggest market.
The new 30,000 sq ft roastery in Shanghai — which is approximately half the size of a football pitch — is Starbucks’ first outside the US. The outlet, which will open on Wednesday, allows customers to watch beans being roasted and brewed in Bunsen-burner style tubes and is positioned as “super premium,” the company said.
As white-collar Chinese consumers with rising incomes switch to pricier premium goods, Starbucks is betting that thirst will extend to coffee.
China could become Starbucks’ biggest market within a decade, executive chairman Howard Schultz told the Financial Times in Shanghai on Tuesday.
星巴克的创始人兼执行董事长霍华德?舒尔茨(Howard Schultz)周二在上海向英国《金融时报》表示,中国可望在十年内成为星巴克最大的市场。
Starbucks outlets in China have been seen as an upmarket destination for business meetings or dates, and so are able to charge more for a coffee than in the US. But other US brands such as McDonald’s and KFC that expanded rapidly in China have struggled in recent years as consumers in large cities began to desert in favour of higher-end options.
Starbucks has 600 stores in Shanghai — more than in New York or London — but faces competition from an increasing number of artisanal outlets. Li Chaoxiang, 23, who works in an investment bank, said: “Starbucks is not a premium brand any more, as when it first came. Now in Shanghai you can see Starbucks anywhere.”
“The ubiquity of those companies worked against them,” Mr Schultz said of US fast-food chains. “The roastery represents the ability to take the customer up.”
“开店太多制约了这些公司的发展。” 舒尔茨在谈到美国的快餐连锁店时说,“通过烘焙工坊,我们能够带着客户升级消费。”
Revenue from the Asia-Pacific region, which includes China, accounted for almost 15 per cent of Starbucks’ revenue for the fiscal year ended in October, up from 5.5 per cent five years earlier. Same-store sales grew 8 per cent in China in the most recent quarter, compared with 2 per cent globally.
“This is an inflection point for the company where China will become a much more important component of the financial results of Starbucks,” Mr Schultz said, adding there would be “less dependence on the US business” in the future.
“这是星巴克发展的一个拐点,今后,中国市场将在星巴克的财务业绩中占据重要得多的地位。” 舒尔茨说。将来,公司对“美国业务的依赖性会下降”,他补充说。
Starbucks opens a store about every 15 hours in China, including in a growing number of smaller cities that many Americans have “never heard of,” Mr Schultz said. “We’re seeing fantastic returns in those cities which are consistent with the early days of Shanghai and Beijing,” he added.
星巴克每15个小时就在中国开设一家新店,其中包括在越来越多很多美国人“从未听说过”的小城市,舒尔茨说。“在这些城市的投资回报非常高,同星巴克最初进入上海和北京时的情况一样。” 他补充说。

星巴克上海新开烘焙工坊 大举押注中国市场.jpg

“One thing we didn’t count on is how busy the stores would be in the afternoon and evening, which is different from the US where we are busiest in the morning,” he noted. He added that same-store sales had been boosted by increasing morning patronage “in the last year or two” in China.

While Starbucks has been under fire for its tax arrangements in Europe, Mr Schultz, who stepped down as chief executive this year, has been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump and the recent tax reform bill passed by the US Senate.
虽然星巴克因其在欧洲的税务安排而受到抨击,但今年辞去首席执行官职位的舒尔茨,一直直言不讳地批评总统唐纳德?特朗普(Donald Trump)和最近美国国会通过的税改议案。
“I have a policy of not speaking about American politics on foreign soil,” he said. “I’ll just say this: I would like to see a tax policy that is more compassionate and serves all people not just corporate America”.

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destination [.desti'neiʃən]


n. 目的地,终点,景点

reform [ri'fɔ:m]


v. 改革,改造,革新
n. 改革,改良

fantastic [fæn'tæstik]


adj. 极好的,难以置信的,奇异的,幻想的

dependence [di'pendəns]


n. 依赖,信赖,上瘾

outlet ['autlet]


n. 出口,出路,通风口,批发商店

spread [spred]


v. 伸展,展开,传播,散布,铺开,涂撒

compassionate [kəm'pæʃənit]


adj. 有同情心的 vt. 同情

approximately [ə'prɔksimitli]


adv. 近似地,大约

patronage ['pætrənidʒ]


n. 赞助,光顾,任免权

competition [kɔmpi'tiʃən]


n. 比赛,竞争,竞赛