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Unit 2 Where’s the post office?

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unit 2 where’s the post office?
一. 教学内容:
unit 2 where’s the post office?
(一)语言功能:ask for and give directions on street  问路和指路
(二)目标语言:1. is there a supermarket near here/ in the neighborhood? 
yes, there is.  no, there isn’t.
  2. where’s the park?   it’s behind/ across from/ next to/ in front of the library.
  3. go straight and turn left/ right.
  1. post   n. 邮件,邮递  = mail (美)
    is there a post for me?   有我的邮件吗?
   post office 邮局    post card 明信片  post bag  邮袋  the post (英)=mailbox  邮箱
   v.  邮寄  post sb. sth. = post sth to sb.
    he posts me an interesting book.   他寄给我一本有趣的书。
2. pay  v. 付钱,支付
pay +名词(款、人)+for +sth  给……付款,支付给(某人)……款
i pay ten yuan for the book. 我花10元钱买了这本书。
he must pay him for the meal. 他必须付给他用餐费。
pay +名词(人)+名词(款)+for +sth 为某事付款给某人。
do you pay her 100 dollars for that old bike?
pay phone投币式公用电话
3. enjoy  v. 享受……的乐趣,喜爱,欣赏
enjoy sth/ doing sth. = like
    you can enjoy the quiet music there. 你在那可以欣赏轻音乐。
    jim enjoys watching tv.  吉姆喜欢看电视。
    enjoy oneself 过得快乐,玩得高兴= have a good time/ have fun
    we enjoy ourselves at the party.    我们在聚会上玩得高兴。
4. arrive v. 到达 抵达
arrive at +小地方(村庄、车站)  arrive in +大地方(城市、国家)
if you arrive at the hotel, please call me. 如果你到了旅馆,请打电话给我。
it’s 2 a.m. when we arrive in beijing. 当我们到达北京的时候已是凌晨两点。
get to = arrive in/at
when can we get to the city? 我们什么时间能到达那个城市?
注意:如表示地点的词是here, there, home 时,arrive, get 后的介词省去。
5. visit  n. 拜访,参观,访问
go on a visit to 去参观,访问       be on a visit to 正在参观,访问
she is on a visit to her friend now.     她正在朋友家做客。
visit  v  拜访,参观,访问
i often visit my grandparents on weekends with my parents.
6. walk  n. 散步,步行
take/ have a walk 去散步    go out for a walk 出去散步
it’s sunny today. let’s go out for a walk.今天天气很好,让我们出去散步吧。
walk  v  步行, 走路
    do you walk to school every day? 你每天步行去学校吗?

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